The Growth & Profit QuickStart


A 12-week intentionally-paced program to help you build a strong, stable foundation for your business so you can:

  • become more profitable 
  • get clients more consistently
  • meet your sales goals
  • work how you want to work
  • love your business



Just what you need... another course. 

(insert head shake and eye roll)

Let me guess...

You've done this before - bought a program hoping it would solve your business problems, but here you are, still “pivoting”/ “leveling up”/ trying to afford a damn vacation. 


You started strong but lost your momentum when your new course became just something else on your To-Do list. 


You're tired of all the hype, fancy marketing and unfulfilled promises. You've lost your trust. Every webinar feels like a scheme...yet you still feel there's GOT to be an answer that will make your business work.

Am I right?

(on behalf of the Internet, I'm sorry)

Well, that's just unfair.

Hemorrhaging money when the goal was to make money is not only unfair, it's a dagger in your eye that you don't need. It's painful. And it blinds you to your business’ actual potential.


So with that image in mind, let me just remind you that I know where you’re at…


  • You’re pulling your hair out, wondering why you’re not making more money. 

  • You’re overwhelmed with all of the things you “should” be doing. 

  • You’re unsure if this business is right for you, or if you can even do it. 

  • You’re spending more time than you’d like just to make ends meet

  • You’re second guessing everything and wondering why it’s so hard when everyone else seems to be doing just fine. 

I get it. (So do all of my clients)


And let me be clear - the last thing you need is to waste more of your time in this confusion. 


And I know why you’re still where you are, despite your best efforts. Every course you’ve taken, every freebie you’ve downloaded, every webinar you’ve attended has focused on tactics.


So yay! Now you’ve got an endless collection of tasks that aren’t getting done.

You’ve got puzzle pieces that don’t fit into a cohesive whole.
You’ve got a bunch of “shoulds” and not a lot of “want to’s”.

Some days you want to crawl back into bed and hide for the next century...


And that makes me mad. 

There are too many smart, talented, capable entrepreneurs like you, shutting their laptops at the end of the day, wondering when (and if) it’s gonna get better.

I've got some good news. 

There are so many people out there who need you and what your offer.


It can get better.


And it will get better...all you have to do is decide:

  • Do you want a business that delights you, and gives you the absolute confidence that you know how to succeed?
  • Do you want a plan for growth and the ability to execute with comfort and ease?
  • Do you want to finally feel empowered that you have a consistent, reliable, client-getting machine that can end the feast-or-famine forever?

If you answered “no”, close your laptop, take a deep breath and congratulate yourself for being honest about what you really want.

But if you answered “yes”, then continue reading with cautious optimism because I am 100% confident you can have exactly what you want.

Here's what everyone is missing...

An understanding that your business is a system… a machine… not a bunch of random parts glued together in a haphazard way. 


When you focus on only one part, but not on the others, the system doesn’t work and you get wobbly bits that hang off the sides (not so attractive or particularly functional). 


You get parts that work too hard and eventually burn out, and you get parts that get ignored and rusty, eventually ceasing to work at all.


The whole thing lumbers along, confused and clumsy. 


What this really means is that you end up spending all of your time on what’s easy, what makes sense and what feels good, and the rest of it falls on the “To Do Later” list, when you have more time or more information to make it feel more clear or certain (and we all know how often that actually happens). 


And then “feast or famine” becomes the default way of being. 


Nobody’s got time for that.


You need to treat your business like a system, and stop piecemealing the ever living daylights out of that poor, potential-filled money-maker.



Do you want to finally and forever get your business under control?


Do you love the idea of loving your business?


Are you 100% committed to owning your time and working exactly the way you had always envisioned?


I can help.

I'M Stephanie,

Business Strategist & Coach

I believe you can have anything you want. 


Cliché? Not even close.


It’s simply what happens when you clarify what you want and create a plan to make it happen.


And that’s exactly what you and I are going to create together.


(No woo-woo manifesting magic required.)

Here's why I'm uniquely positioned to help you...


I have felt the intense frustration of a business that isn’t working or growing like it should be.


I know what it’s like to feel that you’re failing yourself, your dreams, and the people who need you.


And I also know how it feels to keep going.


To not give in. To keep showing up. To go after your vision relentlessly, because you can’t imagine a life where you gave it anything less.


You have all the grit you need and more to make this work. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.


And when your business is properly aligned for who you are and what you want, it won’t feel like such a slog...it’ll feel like liberation.


I’ve worked for 25 years helping small and large businesses achieve the growth and transformation they desire. I know what works, and what doesn’t, and that marketing isn’t your only problem


I took everything I’ve learned and experienced, the training and the tools, and built a framework to help business owners like you mature and thrive. 


This is your invitation to join


A12-week, meticulously designed and intentionally paced online program for finally creating an impenetrable foundation for your business so that you can feel crystal clear and astutely aligned with your specific plan for success.


The QuickStart has been designed around the six core pillars of a business that are necessary in order to succeed: 

  • Business Model Design

  • Offers and Services

  • Money Planning

  • Marketing and Selling

  • Systems and Processes

  • Work Scheduling

When you have these six pillars in place and aligned to who you are and what you want to achieve, your business becomes a system that hums nicely instead of thumping and clunking like my first boyfriend’s old Gremlin. 


My private coaching clients have been using this foundation for years, and it has never failed to help them become confident, successful and calm. 

When I started working with Steph, I was making money but felt completely exhausted and wasn’t loving my work. Since then, I’ve more than doubled my rates and I’m working in a way that feels great, with clients I love — and it’s because Steph believed in my skills and what I bring to the table, then she helped me build a strategy to support it.


Steph will gently push you to be braver, bolder, and most importantly, to do it in a way that never compromises on your values. She is like a lighthouse, always guiding you when you’re feeling lost, stranded or stuck.


I like my business now. I’m excited about what’s ahead. I’m not exhausted anymore. And I love that Steph is in my corner, figuring it out with me, every step of the way. I have a plan and it’s working.

Natalie Taylor, Copywriter and Launch Strategist, The Missing Ink

How the QuickStart works

I’ve got you covered across all the pillars of your business. You’re going to get a comprehensive education in how to design and run a successful business, AND I’m also giving you tools that I’ve created to help you figure out how to put what you’ve learned into practice. 


And the best part is, you have them for life! Some of them, you will use every day. Some of them, you’ll revisit every time you feel a shift coming.




  • 6 training modules, released over 12 weeks
  • Over 30 educational videos
  • 8 core business tools, beautifully designed and easy to use
  • Access to a private Facebook group with other QuickStart students
  • Live Monthly Q&A with Stephanie in the private Facebook group
  • Lifetime access to program updates
  • BONUS: Get Comfortable With Selling video training
  • BONUS: 1-Month Social Media Content Calendar
  • BONUS: Overcoming Perfectionism: Reset Script Workbook
  • BONUS: Mindset Mastery Training


The Core Modules:



Business Model Design


Before we even talk about what you’re delivering, how much money you’re making or how many hours you work, we need to get to the “heart” of your business first. When you’re clear on who you are, what you want and how you want to do it, you are in a much better position to make decisions about the tactical side of your business. 


Tool: The Business Blueprint


What you get: Finally, alignment between you and your business. A clear sense of what you want to build and what you stand for, and how that needs to be reflected in everything that you do.



Your Money


What's the one thing business owners hate talking about most? Their money! And that's gonna change, because knowing your finances is the most empowering thing you can do! Plus, no one reaches their goals without a plan, so now's a great time to get on top of that! 


Tool: The Profit Plan


What you get: Full visibility into your income and expenses, so you can see how easily you can actually reach your financial goals. Plus,  you'll have an easy-to-use tool for staying on top of those plans.



Systems & Processes


Do systems make you run and hide? What if you knew that your systems were optimized for your business, and were going to help you deliver your offers to your customers in an easier, more effective way? It can be that easy and the results can be that good! 


Tool: The Systems Plan


What you get: A detailed map of the 9 core processes within your business, and a roadmap for the systems you're going to need (or not need!) now and in the future to support your business and lifestyle goals.



Your Offers


Your offers are the way you work with your clients and bring your abundant talents to the world. When your offers are aligned with who you are and what you want, it feels so good to be doing your work. You also need to make sure you're charging the right prices to attract your ideal clients and make them whoop with joy when they invest in you!


Tool: The Offer Lab


What you get: A clear, detailed plan of your portfolio of offers, who they are for, how to speak about them, where they fit for your customers, and how to price them appropriately.



Getting Clients


Ah, marketing and sales. The lifeblood of your business with so many options it can be so overwhelming! You don't need a marketing plan - you need marketing habits and consistent, effective visibility that helps you create relationships with your ideal clients and referrers.


Tools: Content & Visibility Plans, Positioning Plan


What you get: To finally be able to describe your business and services, and to have a plan for how you're going to show up and find your clients on a regular basis. 



Work Scheduling


We all got into being a business owner with a vision of how our work life could be, but that didn't always work out. This is because we don't schedule our work properly and we are victims of our to-do lists, deep sixing our lifestyle goals.


Tools: Work Schedule & Capacity Plan


What you get: Freedom! The structure of a work schedule allows you to create time for the things that you really need (and want), and to ensure you are no longer living in feast and famine because you defaulted to client work every day.



This program is intentionally paced over 12 weeks. And here's why....


I’m a speed demon and a fighter. I like to do things my own way. I like to go fast.


But when it comes to business, I give myself time and space. Not slow for slow’s sake, but slow to be intentional. Reflective. 


I want you to do the work, step by step, and then turn each piece over in your hands, look at it from all the possible angles, and adjust. 


Live with it. Push its edges. 


I want you to understand. 


I know change takes time and if you cruise through these modules like a bat out of hell, nothing will stick and you’ll be back to square one. 


(Spoiler alert: this is another reason why your other programs haven’t worked)


Don't believe me? Believe them:

"The pace is perfect for me. We're going slowly and thoughtfully, not rushing or scrambling. I have time to absorb, process and practice before moving on to the next thing. Taking my time and building things right will net me better results and then I can really trust myself to know what is best for me and my business."

Barbara Grundy Evans,

Creative Director

"Getting permission to go slower has been important... I'm building the habits and processes I need to make this work."

Kimberly Carroll,

Coach for Changemakers

"I really like going slow. It allows me the time needed to consider, learn and pivot on business ideas."

SallyAnn Gray,

Marketing Director

So, is this just another business course?

No, I don’t believe it is. 


This is a revolution in your business education. 

This is a cold and heartless breakup with what you’ve been taught before.

This is a lifelong change in the way you do business.

This is a system, and an experience. 

This is permission to breathe.

This is the start of your next level.


And I can’t wait to be part of it!


I know you’re ready.

I know you’re committed.

I know you’re capable.


So there’s only one thing left to do... 


Decide you are, too.

Enroll in the QuickStart today!


$997 USD

This week only: $797


$347 USD

This week only: $279



I am a small business strategist whose personalized approach helps entrepreneurs achieve next-level growth. I create highly-customized business models that have enabled clients to double and triple their income without working longer hours. Whether they’re service providers or product creators, I help my client build the confidence and find the clarity they need to feel energized by their new business direction.

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